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Hello! This is :iconsugareclair:'s side account.
This is an adoptable account, meaning I'll be posting adopts here! I don't make as much as I used to, but whenever I do make some I'll try to put them here ;; All of my other works can be found on my main account.
My toyhouse is heropon, please credit me there for designs ! Its easier to keep track of owners and such there sob.
I don't really price drop or do clearances on my adopts anymore so the price you see on all of them is final aye.
You guys don't have to thank me for the fave or anything ;u; //

Customs: [Closed]
Design Trades: Closed
Collabs: Closed

I also have a small handful of designs up for trade : [link]

To-do List
❤ Design trade with Anna ❤
❤ Inkmate guest artist batch (1/3 sketched) ❤

Also gonna make a little list here of stuff I'm expecting for offers just to help me keep track since there's a lot. There's no rush to the people on the list, again just a way for me to keep better track. Though if its been over a year I would really appreciate it if you at least attempted to get it done.. ;;

Expecting from Offers
SmeeteryAdopts: x1 digital commission, x3 customs (for wolf boy) :bulletpink::bulletblack::bulletblue:

:bulletyellow::1 month since offer :bulletorange:: 2 months since offer :bulletred:: 3+ months since offer :bulletpink:: 1 year + :bulletblack:: sent note, no reply
didn't find anything but not really looking anymore
update: ghh I don't know if I want to do any quite yet but I'm not having much luck finding anything I can work with, so I might be interested in design trades maybe ? You can look here to get more details of what I might like if you're interested and comment there as well (if you commented in the past you can comment again). please let me know if you might be interested either here or on the other journal, but I'm really sorry if I decide not to do any, though ;; !
Design trades maybe ??I don't know if I'll be doing trades or not but just bumping this up just in case someone might be interested ! Cause i'm trying to find some designs and not having luck lmao
read here for more details about that: [Update: possible dts ?] looking for demons !
I'll be making designs on these 3 bases I have:
Bumble Bee:
Sweetie Pop:
Plus adding my gacha freehand style I use (it will not be a gacha custom):
There's a couple of designs I've been needing and just not having luck designing myself, so I'll leave some descriptions here and you can pick which one you'd like to draw. Its okay if more than one person wants to give a go at the design.
:new:Currently looking for lil demon kids for my oc, [Titan] (still ne

I got a possible idea for a character but I need a few demons to go with them, and my brain is kinda blank on designs so I can't really think up of much so I thought I'd make a quick journal ;;
But yeah, I'm looking for some demon characters that I could possibly make into tiny babs ? I wanted to get some kiddos for one of my ocs to have. so maybe link me some open adopts or characters you have for trade/resell if any o': i can offer art for ones for trade since I don't really have too many things for trade myself wheeze ;;
I'm not very interested in bright colors, since they'll be in one of my worlds that is more nature based and such o': !
was interested in doing design trades if this doesn't work out, but in a few weeks after I settle into school lmao ;;; but also i'm kinda eh about designing things for others too so idk orz

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